Marine pedestal

I.E.S. Engineering has developed a SMART cabinet intended for marinas, ports, moorings and motorhomes, which is designed in such a way to enable the use and monitoring of the consumption of each individual electrical and water connection.

Simple user authorization is performed using an RFID card, and port selection and information monitoring is displayed on a small multifunctional screen on the cabinet. The connection cabinet is made of glass-reinforced polyester with lamination technology, which enables it to have excellent durability in all operating and handling conditions.

Technical specifications
Dimensions (HxWxD)approx. 1140 x 400 x 300 mm
Electrical connections1x32A (3P + E)
4x16A (2P + E)
Variants according to the customer’s request
Water connections2×1/2”
Variants according to the customer’s request
IP protectionIP67
  • Multifunctional screen
  • RFID technology
  • LED lighting
  • Administrator and service access
  • Possibility of cloud monitoring and management
  • The possibility of adjusting the equipment and cabinet connections according to the user’s needs

Nowadays, more and more users want to pay energy bills according to actual consumption and use it with extremely simple handling. These requirements are met through the SMART cabinet of I.E.S. Engineering.

The process controller provides measurement and monitoring of the consumption of all connections on the cabinet, as well as a digital record of consumption.

Simple handling enables user authorization using an RFID card that is read by the process controller and verifies information about the card user. With a valid check, the process controller allows the user to select the desired port on the multifunction display on the cabinet. Each individual power connection has a detection of the failure of protective switches. The cabinet also has a service switch for all connections to enable a constant supply in case of service or emergency.

An additional option of this SMART cabinet is connection to the I.E.S. Cloud that offers remote monitoring and management of the entire cabinet as well as long-term recording and review of all cabinet information.