MOD-1AO – 1 analog universal output

86,00  (647,97 kn)

VAT excluded
1 € = 7,53450 kn

The MOD-1AO module has 1 current analog output (0-20mA lub 4-20mA) and 1 voltage analog output (0-10V). Both outputs can be used at the same time. The modul is equipped in two digital inputs. In addition, terminals IN1 and IN2 can be used to
connect one encoder. Setting the output current or voltage value is done via RS485 (Modbus protocol), so you can easily integrate the module with popular PLCs, HMI or PC equipped with the appropriate adapter.

The module MOD-1AO communicates with all commercially available PLCs and other devices that support popular Modbus Master protocol.

  • OUTPUT: 1 current analog output 0~20mA or 4~20mA, 1 voltage analog output 0~10VDC
  • INPUT: RS485 – Modbus Slave (ASCII, RTU)
  • Supply voltage: 10-36VDC; 20-28VAC
  • Up to 128 modules on RS485 network
  • 2 digital inputs PNP or NPN types
  • 2 configurable 32-bit counters
  • Possibility to connect the encoder
  • Mounting on a DIN rail
  • Equipped with set of LEDs used to indicate the status of outputs useful for diagnostic purposes and helping to find errors
  • Comfortable connectors for cables (up to 2.5 mm2)
  • Configuration: Modbus Configurator (free)
  • Custom Tariff Number: 8543-70-90-99
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Made in Poland