HVAC system retrofit for Norwegian ferry “Basto Fosen IV”


Norwegian ferry “Basto Fosen IV” (Norway),


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) automation, design and manufacture of electrical cabinet, electrical diagram, software writing and commissioning. To monitor the process, create an appropriate visualization


The company has prepared the accompanying documentation, which includes cabinet drawings, an electrical diagram, and the production and delivery of cabinet and electrical equipment. Software was written in way that satisfies the set requirements for the operation of the system, and B&R mappView system SCADA is used for process visualization and control of the system.


Automation PC APC3100 & APC2200, Power Panel C70, 7.0″ (4PPC70.0702-20B & 6PPT30.0702-20B), X20CP3585 CPU


Automation Studio 4 (B&R)


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