About Us

I.E.S. is a company that provides innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation based on the knowledge and experience of experts, gathered during participation in over a hundred industrial projects in a wide range of industries (metal, paper, automotive, energy, etc.).

IES team

Our engineers have high knowledge in electrical development, commissioning of various equipment (PLCs, Drivers, HMIs, Motors, Electrical cabinets, etc.) and project management. These skills allows us to achieve our mission – to provide you with the best possible solution for your unique system.

In line with our fundamental values such as expertise and innovation, as well as dedication and team spirit, our goal is to cultivate the principles of agile project management through our projects and to create an organization that teaches and supports the culture of the organization.

Our clients

When it comes to industry, automation development and new technology implementation have solved many problems and helped manufacturers in a variety of strict requirements for environment and reliability. We focus on customer needs and their satisfaction with the work performed.

Our clients are the world’s leading companies in the field of automation and manufacturing industry

Our partners

Over the years of operation, we have gained the trust of renowned companies in the world of industrial automation, with whom we cooperate both through the installation of their equipment and through our services in the integration of larger projects. Some of the partner companies with which we cooperated are:

High-quality in every step

The key to our success is knowledge of technology, innovative approach, quality of service and products, and great experience of our team. We strive to fulfill our customer’s wishes and needs, to ensure a solid position and good reputation of the company in the market.

Investing in education

Due to necessity of fast knowledge acquisition and constant changes in industry and automation, we pay special attention to education, adaptation of business processes, improving knowledge transfer and communication with our customers as well as among our own employees.

We are committed to ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of all our processes and activities, all in accordance with regulatory, professional and other internal and external regulations, laws and standards.